Our Approach / data set / 17 million users / 43 million IPs

Over a period of 16 months Vanilla Circus in a study into internet traffic from regions of the UK.

As a large Internet publisher, we have the traffic of over 17 million users per year which provides enough data to conduct an in-depth study into the different internet user capabilities of the North and the South of England. As a Nominet Registrar, we have access to additional UK domain data usage to compare our data findings.

We have then taken this data and then added population numbers to give an idea of how many people in that area by using the internet and if so how, and how often.

By logging all IP addresses and then trying to ascertain the exact location of the IP address and the number of times a user enters one of our 2000 websites. The variety of content on these sites means that there are subjects suitable for all genders and ages.

Using advanced Google analytics we can also be able to assign age and gender to give an idea of what an IP address represents.

We’ve been trying to ascertain the lifetime value and Internet usage of an IP in relation to the age, gender language and location of the user will also trying is the choice of technology and browser and from the device.

Within 16 months we have built an accurate picture of over 43 million IP address and the to identify which IP address refer to what age a person dressed demographic location technology.

What we have found is there is a clear North-South divide

However, what is interesting is that the number of times an IP address assigned to age use the Internet is relatively constant across all parts of the UK. Age only plays a much higher factor determining whether or not the IP address more frequently.

From usage website location choice and time activity we’ve been able to identify which IP address actually referred to business and not to an individual. We know this is the infinite usage peaks at 11 o’clock in the morning and year falls off until 4 o’clock the afternoon there is a resurgence at 4.00pm. Their activity ceases by approximately 7 o’clock.

IP address is that come to life after 7 o’clock in the evening content of the private mobile or home IP address locations.


North-South divide, when defined by age actually concerns the choice of device. The older demographic user the more likely the desktop or tablet. However, the same age person located in the South or the North will use the internet at approximately the same amount of time regardless of location.


Whether are variations it is actually a choice of device. Northern users are much more likely to use a handheld device than their southern neighbours. There is also a difference in technology and browser choice. For example, there are a large number of northern android then there are in the South.

References: VC data team (2018 – 2019)

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