What are the common SEO audit metrics and which ones should you pay attention to

What are the common SEO audit metrics and which ones should you pay attention to

We have highlighted 26 metrics; the ones that could make a HUGE difference to your SEO

How do we know this?
We have created, designed and optimised 4000 of our own publishing network. We have tried and tested all of the below and catalogued which audit metrics make a difference within Google’s organic search rankings.

We have also been researching SEO for over 16 years. Most of the most important metrics are not listed on any SEO Audit at all!

  1. Duplicate meta descriptions matched to the relevant URL to include where applicable the canonical tag
  2. Title Tag Duplication matched to the relevant URL to include where applicable the canonical tag
  3. Duplicate pages to map both primary and location of duplication
  4. All H1s on-page to include duplication
  5. Words per page
  6. Number of links on page broken down to internal and external
  7. Error codes and redirects
  8. Meta description length mapped to URL
  9. Title Tag length mapped to URL
  10. Missing metadata mapped to URL
  11. URL Hierarchy
  12. URL Formatting
  13. Google Manual Actions
  14. 404 Error Response
  15. 404 Page Design
  16. Soft 404 Errors
  17. 5xx Server Errors
  18. Broken Internal Links
  19. Redirects
  20. Robots.txt
  21. WWW Canonicalization / Your Home Page Canonicalization
  22. Trailing Slash Redirection
  23. Duplicate Title Tags or Long Title Tags
  24. Missing Title Tags
  25. Duplicate Meta Descriptions
  26. Long Meta Descriptions
  27. Missing Meta Descriptions
  28. Internal Duplicate Content / External Duplicate Content
  29. H Tags
  30. Home Page Heading Tags
  31. Category Page Heading Tags
  32. Product Page Heading Tags
  33. Thin Content
  34. XML Sitemap Auto-Discovery / XML Sitemap Accuracy / Google XML Sitemap Indexation
  35. Internationalisation
  36. Page Load Speed
  37. Mobile
  38. Mobile-Friendly Test
  39. PageSpeed Insights? Mobile and / or Desktop
  40. Social media missing
  41. HTML is not W3C validated.
  42. A favicon
  43. Add an Apple icon for iOS
  44. Add a mobile sitemap
  45. You need more than 0 and less than 100 outbound links.
  46. Your IP is not blacklisted
  47. Your website was found in the Yahoo! directory.
  48. Add your website to the DMOZ directory
  49. You have a blog or you have less than 10 pages indexed by Google.
  50. underscores in URLs
  51. Add a Google+ button to your website
  52. Text to HTML Ratio
  53. Image Alt Attributes (with LINK!)
  54. Number of Backlinks
  55. Page Size Info
  56. GZIP Compression
  57. Minification All your JS and CSS files are minified
  58. Usability and Mobile readiness
  59. Tap Target Sizing
  60. Software Up To Date
  61. SSL Enabled
  62. Email Privacy
  63. Create an associated Twitter Profile
  64. Add downloadable files / .exe / software
  65. Add different formats other than HTML (ie pdf)
  66. Add Rel=?Publisher? Google Authorship Mark Up
  67. Add schema mark up / structured data
  68. Add a link to Google reviews
  69. Add schema data for reviews
  70. Create a review account, like https://uk.trustpilot.com/
  71. Data Highlighter. Show off your site’s data in search
  72. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages
  73. Use FETCH as Google when the site is updated (no more!)
  74. Use URL parameters with care and caution, but use them to identify duplicate pages
  75. Security Issues, regularly check sites for hacks /viruses
  76. Count variations in anchor text
  77. Count number of links to hub pages and the anchor text used
  78. Introduce a wealth of Antonyms, Synonyms into both content and anchor text

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