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Below is a single case study, however we have a number of clients who are more than happy to act as references

Local SEO Services case study

In early 2012 VC launched a new software package that can combine any number of variables and create content that is both acceptable to Google in his uniqueness and palatable to the user to make an enquiry or purchase. It is a combination of scripts and creative input.

For an important client called Aquarius blinds, we decided that their original hundred-page website we had inherited from the last SEO agency was neither fit for purpose nor broad enough in scope. Aquarius blinds cover the whole of London and the south-east including Surrey and Kent.

60 variables and locations

We created a list of 60 variables and entered the content. Variables included keywords, key phrases colours lengths widths and types of blind. From this, we created taglines, descriptive sentences, locations, associated locations (Acton/London). We took the whole remit of Aquarius blinds from its salesmen, its manufacturing its showrooms and created a list of the USP variables and combine them with a list of common blind manufacturing partners.

22,000 pages still indexed and highly ranked today

The end result was 22,000 new pages, complete with content that not only made sense but made a very good attempt at convincing the user to purchase the blinds.

The images were correctly named by blind / colour, the internal links, supported the index for the home page of the website in improving its organic search page ranking for its core keywords blinds, patio awnings etc whilst providing a very real solution to gaining traffic from long-tail.

Google took seven days to index the entire website. While this was in process links were built to key location pages and to key product pages.

One of the advantages of our system is that any errors that are common across all 42,000 pages can be swiftly changed by uploading single text files.

The end result was better than we expected. Over the next fortnight not only did the website’s position for core keywords improve dramatically, but traffic to the site doubled. The conversion rate which is really how we measure if we have been successful tripled.

Whilst we are very pleased, we did have reservations on whether or not these improvements could be sustained and whether or not Google would see patterns in our work were not founded.

One of the advantages of having an increased number of sales conversions is the ability to begin to see which resources should be committed to improving other pages within the site.

Aquarius Blinds Case study in more detail.

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SEO page last checked and updated on October 23, 2020

SEO page last checked and updated on October 23, 2020

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