Locally targeted exact match domain networks

Vanilla Circus© create on average 4.45 website a day, every day. In house content, design and hosting

100s of exact match keyword domains

We are perfectly set up to create 100s of exact match keyword domains for a client looking to sell their products or services in new areas of the UK. In fact, there is no company better suited for large scale website production. Our publishing side of our business is exactly that. It is a little like a factory production line with rigorous quality checking.

We know exactly the amount of content that needs to change and all of the metrics that Google needs to see to accept the site as a genuine website and not just an affiliate or lead generation website. We enjoy the task of creating mini identities and can safely work at speed.

All sites remain the property of the client

Currently, we are working on a project for a construction company that requires 78 new websites created. We are also working on a B2C project that requires 134 new websites, each complete with its own eCommerce section.

Costs and schedules

The cost is ?120+ vat per site and can be ordered on a monthly contract basis or simple a contract for a number of websites. The larger the number the cheaper the price.


Depending on service or products websites are usually 10 pages complete with about page and contact page. Designs are normally agreed upon in advance and can be a copy of the core website or have a unique design of their own for a small fee.

Unless otherwise instructed most sites are created on a Word Press platform for simple updating in the future. All sites come complete with Google Analytics and sitemap submission.

How to order

Simply fill in our contact form and list the number of websites you want to be created. We can advise on keyword choice and domain availability. If a domain needs acquiring then we are Nominet members and well known in the UK domain market.

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