Solutions for keyword led traffic, satellite websites using exact match domains

It is impossible for a website to be all keywords to all men… however it is possible to create a strategy that runs parallel to gain traffic from keywords that your site does not rank for


Keyword sites: With our exact match keyword sites we aim for the most appropriate longer tail search, criminal law solicitor etc. More.

We create copy for the core client site and then create a target copy for the keyword domains. Current cost is £299.00 per website.

Local Search – GEO targeted SEO that works

Geo Domains: With the geo-domains, we include the location key phrases e.g.: criminal solicitor Leeds. We then move from city to county, from county to country.

VC’s local SEO service is extremely popular for garnering traffic by keyword + location, it is our own software and provides an industrial solution to local search optimisation.

International: VC can help your business expand into other markets internationally. International SEO

Then we do a full circle, we are now #1 for a number of keywords, but what are the money keywords? We study the conversion rates, we study the content drill down; determining which keywords deliver true revenue.

SEO page last checked and updated on March 11, 2021

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