Content Strategy Process

Content Strategies: Correct process and structure

Content strategy process – the 8 essential elements of an SEO content strategy

The eight elements to a successful content marketing strategy

There are eight elements to a successful content marketing strategy. The overall process is to exchange a content-generating budget for website traffic the buys more of your products and services.

The overall process is simple and logical.

It does, however, require a lot more thought than simply creating a blog and adding content that may or may not be of interest to your potential customer or existing customers.

8 Elements of a successful SEO content strategy

  1. Monthly and annual traffic and sales targets
  2. Keyword and key phrase research
  3. Audience and target market
  4. Voice and tone: Language and the use of words, what is your brand voice?
  5. Content: Selling points, CTAs and clickability
  6. Content: Depth of content, how much do we need?
  7. Optimisation, content positioning and interlinking
  8. Channels: Social media and backlinking

Our content marketing strategy is NOT solely aimed at a conversational style social media format to attract new business

In a crowded Internet of over 1 billion websites, your content needs to work all the harder. Vanilla Circus© we have over 14 years of experience creating engaging content that helps ask clients sell their products and services.

We are a creative SEO team who enjoy the intellectual side of logically directing new customers to the buying pages.

You have to enjoy websites, content, the use of language and the formation of paragraphs, the evolution of anchor text in reflection site’s architecture.

The structure of the website’s URLs and most of all statistics the results of all our work and the effects and improvements it has on our client’s bottom line.

Begin at the beginning

  1. Targets
  2. Keyword research
  3. Audience
  4. Voice and tone
  5. Selling points, CTAs
  6. How much content do you need?
  7. Optimisation and content positioning
  8. Social media and backlinks

A content strategy is fluid: it is an ongoing process that needs nurture and careful management

If you would like some help creating content that will drive traffic and sales then please telephone 020 8405 6419. If we can’t help we will say so and maybe point you in the right direction.

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