Content journey: how a piece of content costing £80 can generate £500 in under 10 days

All content has a journey. All journeys have a start and end. However there are often stops on the way

Traffic value is the amount of traffic divided by revenue gained

This is the story of one topic, one idea and one piece of content. (The cost of the content and summaries if £80.00). Traffic value is the amount of traffic divided by revenue gained.

We begin by creating content for the client’s website.

This is so that we can have a focus and landing page for all of the variations we are going to produce.

We begin by creating content for the client's website.

It starts with DATA

Google is an excellent place to gain data on what potential new customers are thinking. After all, every search query begins with a thought.

Traffic, trends and interpretation
Data give us an idea of trends. See Google. We can also look at image search data, YouTube searches and Twitter trending data to complete our picture.

Freely available data, zero guesswork
This is the internet, every click is recorded so we can use this freely available data to narrow down our ideas and make them more relevant.

12 step process

As we work down we have to consider the decreasing attention span of users.


  1. Data analysis / creative brainstorm
  2. Content written / message-images selected to reflect to reinforce massage
  3. Content added to the site and optimised
    1. Non-indexed (Google) content is now in a position to sell and convince (+£10.00)
    2. The indexed new page has an SEO value (+£50.00)
    3. Content is recreated as pdf and added to the website increasing findability (+ £10.00)
    4. Content attracts Google traffic + £50.00
    5. Content added to home page / sidebar to reinforce impression that website is regularly updated / current (value + £20.00)
  4. Content tweeted: traffic value + £10.00
  5. Content title and summaries are emailed as newsletter type broadcast (value + £100.00)
  6. First draft summaries created (long version)
  7. First summaries emailed to industry-specific publishers: traffic value £60.00 + backlink value: £70.00 = £130.00
  8. Second draft short-form summaries created
  9. Content added to Facebook Traffic value + £20.00
  10. Content summaries re-tweeted using additional accounts: traffic value = + £20.00
  11. Content re-created as infographic. Infographic added to Instagram Traffic value + ?30.00
  12. Content used as the basis for YouTube video dialogue (Value £50.00)

Total value = £500.00

If your content is not working this hard perhaps speaking to VC on 020 8405 6418 would help improve your P&L.

SEO page last checked and updated on October 20, 2020

SEO page last checked and updated on October 20, 2020

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