Why do I have to build backlinks to my website anyway?

PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn)) [Google formula for equating backlink strength / PageRank]

Backlinks and why bother

Or See FAQs on backlinks

There is no reason why your company should have to spend large amounts of money obtaining backlinks built by SEO companies. See our link building. Wikipedia does not, neither do the BBC.

However, Google’s search engine algorithm uses hyperlinks from website to website as a metric for knowing which website is worth ranking highly in its index. So if you don’t have 1000s of content contributors (Wikipedia) or 100s of professional journalists scouring the world for the latest news story, then link building is for you. Without something newsworthy or expert source; no other website is going to decide to link to your website. This is called link baiting!

So you have to play the game by Google’s rules

If you are interested it is all here in The Anatomy of a Search Engine. VC have researched and tested a number of ways to AVOID building any backlinks.

1. Large scale websites using site architecture and interlinking only

Here we tested how we could rank a website with only a site’s structure and no content outside anchor text.

The experiment was only successful when the website numbered over 50,000 pages. The website www.biblion.co.uk ranked #4 for second-hand books for three months.

However, it was impossible to stop the site from slipping down the ranking without adding new pages at a rate of 5000 per week.

2. Perfect content

Our perfect content experiment centred on taking published books from the 1950s and scanning in the pages.

We then wrote software to split the book up into web pages and to link the entire site together. We then bought a keyword domain to help get the website some SEO credibility.

We also updated all names and dates to reflect 2014. The end results were impressive in terms of website content.

However, in terms of organic search results, the results were very poor. Sites surfaced on page 10 and never moved further than page 9 for a range of keywords, none of which could be described as competitive.

It was only after we started building links to the new sites did they immediately rise to page 3 and upwards.

It was a sad day when content was not King.

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