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We translate a client’s website into a format that Google rewards with organic search traffic: basically we tell a better story.

SEO & internet marketing

Essentially SEO & internet marketing refers to the strategies that are used to market a product or service online in correlation with a client’s targets and goals.

Strategies include search engine optimization and/or copywriting that encourages site visitors to take positive action.

We create and develop website design UI strategies, online promotions and backlinking to gain a high Google position for our client’s core keywords. Read how we can generate traffic to your website.

Core VC SEO Services

1. Content Marketing: We are primarily concerned with using new content to support and attract additional traffic from Google organically.

This means unpaid for traffic, not Adwords. Content is placed onsite with summaries and excerpts being used as outreach content for social media platforms. See content strategy.

2. Onsite optimisation: On-page optimisation is all about linking new pages content to the website.

Internal links that are hypertext links to other pages on the website is one of the most important parts of SEO. See on-page optimisation.

3. Backlink profiling and building: Links to your website from other websites constitutes approximately a fifth of your total overall optimisation score according to Google.

Drip feeding new links into your website is an imperative part of staying ahead of the competition. See Backlink building service.

4. Keyword Research: Knowing which keyword cluster to aim for is one of the most misunderstood parts of SEO.

There is always more traffic from the sum of the low hanging fruit keywords than the core keywords. See keywords.

5. Google Analytics / Search console analysis: Knowing what you users is doing on your website when they arrive on your site, which pages they read and most importantly which pages funnel down to purchase or enquiry, or worst-case, an exit, is the cornerstone of all the SEO work we do. See Google Analytics analysis.

Advice and help that results in a number of simple improvements we can often increase a client’s conversion rate by over 3%. This can be a combination of on-page and off-page optimisation (with link baiting/attraction strategies).

6. International SEO: During the last 14 years we worked with a number of websites in different languages.

Here the processes to translate the client’s website professionally and then to secure hosting choice complete with country base TLD. See International SEO.

We have now developed a process that is both streamlined and efficient using recognised hosting providers in Germany, France, Russia, South Africa, China and Spain.

We have worked with most languages from Mandarin the Russian.

7. Local SEO: Vanilla Circus© are easily the very best at targeting local traffic. Local SEO is defined as keyword + location.

With the rapid advances, Google is made in Geo-targeting IP address is local search is a key priority for all of our clients. Read more on Local search.

Over the years we have developed a system that will please populate keyword plus location pages, presenting the user with a client’s web page regardless of which keywords search.

The system is currently in its fourth revision and there are a number of websites that are still benefiting from organic search traffic which created over seven years ago.

8. Additional SEO services: additional services include Graphic Design, Video Production, Website Design, Mentoring, SEO Packages, Digital PR, SEO outreach, Infographics & Interactive Content, Reporting & Analysis, Unnatural links recovery, technical SEO & content. More Services.

SEO services that are more advanced that other SEO companies

Fundamentally it is all about targeted web traffic

And this is where VC excel.

Our task is to come up with content strategies, supporting websites based on keyword are there with organic search and social media campaigns to generate more traffic to our client site that buys their product or service.

Internet Traffic: as an Online marketer, we are constantly devising new internet marketing strategies in the hopes of driving more web traffic to their client’s websites and making more sales; witness the increasing use of blogs as marketing tools for business, for instance.

Our skills in understanding geo-demographics & translating SEO research means that we can put ourselves into the shoes of the people we wish to communicate with and ensure that our marketing strategy is on target.

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