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Why are you not selling your product in France, in French on a .fr website? International does not have to be unreachable.

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Multilingual SEO

One of VC’s oldest clients is a Language School called Conversation Piece, who do all of the language training for the BBC. We use their services to translate clients websites into business-speak in different languages.

With an inexpensive and accurate translation of the English version of your website we can then recreate a new site using the style of the UK site and adding the newly created content. Hosting abroad has some challenges however these are not are insurmountable and through trial and error we have found the correct supplies in most European countries and others including:

Hong Kong / Singapore / Russia / China / India

Once the new website is built we then move onto the next country repeating the process using the client’s English website as a link hub to promote the websites. We then inform Google that XYZ site is for Russia etc.

Building localised links is not an issue as Google seems to deem America’s .coms as international and as VC have 500 US sites additional linking strength is not an immediate issue.

We have done this all before as you can imagine. One client’s products are ranked #1 in all search engines across all the world including China and the US.

To recap on our experience:

We specialise in Geo targeted SEO since 2003 and have since broadened our remit to include non UK geography.

We have taken a number of clients “around the world” including a large PLC and a more specialist industrial glass manufacturer.

We are currently responsible for gaining traffic from websites based in China, America, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, Russia and Hong Kong.

Accurate business-grade website translation is not cost-prohibitive

We are also domain and hosting experts, so acquiring hosting in different countries is not an issue.

To support all non-UK websites we have built a portfolio of .com domains (international / America) to give external link building an advantage in other countries.

We also specialise in creating internal company networks of website, international office creation and sales agent attraction programmes.

We work with a diverse client base that is very restrictive in choice, but includes a number of well known brands, Philips, Tesco and the like.

We are members of Nominet in the UK.

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SEO page last checked and updated on March 11, 2021

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